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Duration : 1 Year

Learn Advance Animation & do your 3D animations in Maya. Learning Autodesk Maya is a great skill to help you land a job in the film, music and gaming industry.

Job Options

1. Concept Artist

2. Digital Artist

3. 3D Modeler

4. Texture Artist

5. Rigger

6. Lighting Artist

7. Layout Artist

8. Rendering Artist

9. Animator

10. 3D Generalist

Course Content

1. Story Telling
3. Storyboarding
4. Matte Painting
5. Editing
6. Modeling
7. Set Design
8. Texturing & Look Dev.
9. Lighting
10. Rendering
11. Rigging
12. Layout Artist
13. Particle & Dynamics
14. Character Animation

Anim Maya

Introduction to Anim Maya

Animation course in Jaipur

The advanced diploma course in Animation using Maya Software can be privilege to learn at quantum games & design, a leading animation training institute in Jaipur Rajasthan. The faculties have 22+ years of expertise in the field of animation. Maya is software which is very advanced & has applicability in both Game design as well as animation. Many processes have become easier in Maya.

Benefits of the course

Film Industry, Gaming industry, Music industry, Digital media has adopted Maya wholeheartedly and students have a win- win situation if they master this software i.e., Maya.


A promising career is ensured if the student works hard, implement what is taught & showcase his working according to the market trends. Therefore, Portfolio making is an integral part of our syllabus.

Some of the examples of Portfolio making are:-

Student can make fabulous career as Concept artist, Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigger, Layout Artist, Digital Artist, Render Artist, Lighting Artist, Animator, 3 D Generalist, etc. So, it is up to him/ her to prepare a portfolio in his/ her area of interest.

Why should you join Quantum Games & Design for Anim Maya Course?

There are many reasons for which you must only join Quantum Games & design as during a limited span of time, we have become very popular on the basis of our professional training and placements. Very few or almost none of the training Institutes have their own production studio where they require creative hands.