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Duration : 1 Year

Visual Pro provides a complete Visual development. It provides you specialization in two fields compositing & editing. Aim is to create a vision to blend the live action footage with computer graphics, 2 D, 3D & special effects.

Job Options

1. Compositor

2. Motion Graphic Artist

3. Camera Tracker

4. Roto Artist

5. Paint Artist

6. Video Editor

Course Content

1. Filmmaking
2. Cinematography
3. Rotoscopy
4. Digital Design
5. Motion Graphics
6. Video Editing
7. Sound Editing
8. Match Moving
9. Camera Tracking
10. Compositing
11. Node-Base Compositing
12. Plate Making
13. Frame Painting

Visual Pro

Introduction to Visual Pro

Visual effects course in Jaipur

Audience get glued to sci-fi and action scenes when edited with VFX. If you want to fascinate people with explosions, action scenes, turning vehicles upside down, this course is for you.

Benefits of the course are:-

Film Industry in India has adopted this technique in full swing. The credit goes to visual effects used in movies like bahubali ,The Lion King, KGF, RRR, Robot, etc. for making them blockbusters & earn huge profits. Recently, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has teamed up with VFX veteran Sandeep Mane to launch SVS studios. According to her, “It can make or break a movie”. Job opportunities are tremendous and demand for skilled people is high.


Students get detailed knowledge about Film making, Digital Design, Sound editing, Compositing, Cinematography, Rotoscopy, Video Editing, Camera Tracking, etc. and he can select his/her field of expertise in which he/ she wants to move ahead and accordingly maintain his portfolio of practical working.

Some of the examples of Portfolio are:-

Student can make fabulous career as Concept artist, Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigger, Layout Artist, Digital Artist, Render Artist, Lighting Artist, Animator, 3 D Generalist, etc. So, it is up to him/ her to prepare a portfolio in his/ her area of interest.

Why should you join Quantum Games & Design for Advance Game Designing course?

Quantum games & design has become a renowned name in the field of VFX training. We not only provide software training and industry knowledge but we do provide grooming & personality development classes, how to crack interviews as this will help in the overall development of the trainee.