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AAA Game Art

AAA Game Art

Duratin : 1½ Year

AAA Game Art provides a platform for designing, animating & integrating your dream game. Join & master the art of the most in-demand techniques of the rising industry & create a new world of Gaming.

Job Options

1. Concept Artist

2. 3D Game Artist

3. Rigger

4. Layout Artist

5. Animator

6. Game Asset Designer

7. Game Level Designer

8.Modeling-Texturing Artist

9. Unity Designer

10. Environment Artist

11. Prop Artist

12. AR Developer

13. VR Developer

Course Content

1. Game Design Basic
2. Game Art
3. Digital Design
4. 3d Design & Modeling
5. Texturing
6. Game Pipeline
7. Character Setup
8. Rigging
9. Animation
10. Game Engine
11. Integration
12. Game FX
13. Digital Sculpting
14. Game Engine Workflow
15. Look Development
16. 3d Deep Designing

AAA Game Art

What is Game design?

Advance Game designing course in Jaipur

A Game designer develops visual content content for Games. The content should be visually appealing & story must be interactive to the user. It is not a work of an individual to create a Game but it’s team work. Games are of different types like Console games, Mobile games, Computer games, massively multiplayer online games, etc.

Benefits of the course are:-

It’s a highly competitive field and requires expertise but it can give you a handsome earning once you master it with your dedication & enthusiasm. We provide you a platform where you can learn designing, animating & integrating your dream job. It is the most in- demand career opportunity and industry is waiting for the skilled professionals. Our Govt. is also promoting Gaming as they found it the upcoming job giving industry in India. This has been announced by the Finance Minister in Budget 2022 that a special task force will be setup to promote Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comic (AVGC) sector.


You can make yourself distinguished from others by creating a professional portfolio that includes Game screenshots, Link or download to game level, Videos of gameplay, Gaming reviews, Link to a demo reel, etc.

Why should you join Quantum Games & Design for Advance Game Designing course?

It’s highly challenging and dynamic field where you find daily updates. It requires high order creative skills, great dexterity & moreover patience & persistence. Quantum Games & design plays an effective role as it not only clarifies how to use the tool but also how to create different things using the same tool, it means the applicability of tool in wider sense. The mentors are highly trained and competitive and share all their experiences with the trainees so that the trainees emerge as successful as they want to be.